A Words From ITS Rector

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Praise let us pray to the Divine, Almighty God, for all the graces and gifts that have been bestowed upon us all, so we are still able to work for the nation, the state, and humanity.

As one of the best institute of technology in Indonesia. ITS has a huge responsibility to help the government in resolving national problems, especially in energy sector. In correlation with ITS vision and mission in the maritime sector and in order to give our contribution to resolving energy problem in Indonesia, ITS students are taking an action in form of making a solar powered boat.

There are two targets that needs to be achieved in the making of this solar powered boat: first is to be a media research to help resolve one of the national problems which are energy. Second is to prove that Indonesia, especially students of ITS are equal to other countries in the world. With the bless of Allah SWT, ITS Marine Solar Boat Team will be one of the delegates from Indonesia who will compete in the upcoming Monaco Solar Boat Challenge on July 2017.

ITS has been developing solar-powered boat since 2011 and also has participated in Dong Energy Solar Challenge 2014 and Dutch Solar Challenge 2016 in Netherland. Throughout this time, many innovations created by Indonesian young generation in the maritime fields had received high appreciation, therefore ITS students through the ITS Marine Solar Boat Team will again create another breakthrough for the nation and the country. It is our responsibility to support the spirit of Indonesian’s young generation for the sake of our brighter future as a sovereign nation.


we encourage everybody of us

our honorable ITS Partners, to take an active part in the mission in order to make their dreams become reality. So we greatly expect that ITS Partners are willing to support the ITS Marine Solar Boat Team activities. Let’s support ITS students to fly the flag of our beloved country, Indonesia, in Monaco, on July 2017.

Any kind of support that the partners could provide, will be very advantageous for our Marine Solar Boat Team.


Best Regards,
Prof. Ir. Joni Hermana, M.Sc.Es,Ph.D