Autonomous Programming Competition

Automotive companies are currently fixated on developing autonomous technology, which allows cars to operate without human intervention. This innovative feature has been in the works for around three centuries. It is gaining popularity due to its numerous benefits. As a promoter of pioneering mobility solutions, Shell Eco-Marathon organizes an annual off-track competition called the Autonomous Programming Competition. The competition runs from February 13, 2023, to March 23, 2023, and challenges students to create energy-efficient car algorithms using Robot Operating System (ROS) in an autonomous car simulator.

Shell Eco-Marathon, our competition, has imposed more complex rules this year, requiring each team to design a dynamic car capable of moving toward specific coordinates on a provided map. Armed with our experience, ITS Team Sapuangin returned to participate in the competition, implementing several improvements to achieve better results than our previous attempt. Our most significant innovation involved optimizing the coding and sensors in the autonomous car program, which helped the car consume less energy, travel shorter distances, and navigate traffic more efficiently. By doing so, the car can complete the given tasks in the minimum possible time.

Participating in this competition for the energy-efficient car research team provides a platform to create innovations in efficient cars, hoping to realize autonomous technology. Our achievements from the previous year motivated them to improvise further this year. ITS Team Sapuangin is optimistic that it will be able to meet SEM's challenges and deliver even better results than before. Sapuangin also aspires to achieve first place in the 2023 Autonomous Programming Competition for the first time.