ITS Team Sapuangin

ITS Team Sapuangin is one of the oldest car teams in ITS, which was established in 2009. ITS Team Sapuangin is based in the department of mechanical engineering of ITS. The name sapuangin was taken from one of Sunan Kalijaga's teachings. Sapuangin is a teaching that talks about energy transfer. We hope the spirit of ITS Team Sapuangin can be transferred to ITS Team Sapuangin’s car while racing. ITS Team Sapuangin was formed because ITS students are concerned about the issue of energy saving. ITS Team Sapuangin succeeded in making 11 efficient cars and seven formula cars that participate in various competitions every year. The competitions that Sapuagin often participates in are Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM), Formula Student Japan (FSJ), and Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi (KMHE).

Shell Eco-Marathon is one of the international competitions in that Sapuangin always participates. The first time ITS Team Sapuangin participated in SEM was in 2010, a year after it was formed. Since then, Sapuangin never missed SEM to participate and defend the championship. In its first year, ITS Team Sapuangin succeeded to get a lot of achievements, one of which was the title of The Best Indonesia's Prototype Gasoline Team. The next year, ITS Team Sapuangin succeeded to get the Asia Urban Gasoline record with 273 Km/L. ITS Team Sapuangin also got the world champion title in the Shell Eco-Marathon competition series which is the Drivers’ World Championship back in 2018. ITS Team Sapuangin closed 2022 by winning the 3rd position in the Urban Concept category and Internal Energy Combustion.

Besides SEM, ITS Team Sapuangin also participated in other international and also national competitions. The other international competition that ITS Team Sapuangin participated in was Student Formula Japan. This team first time joining FSJ in 2013 and got The Best Rookie Award - 64 Rank. Last, Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi (KMHE) is a national competition held by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. In KMHE, ITS Team Sapuangin always brings the title of Grand Champion with the gold medal. Sapuangin was also an overall champion for five straight years from 2017 to 2020.

In this new year, ITS Team Sapuangin hopes to be able to provide the best innovations. Currently, ITS Team Sapuangin is in the process of building a new car. We hope that with this car, ITS Team Sapuangin could participate in various competitions and have better results than before. We also hope to participate in the Drivers' World Championship (DWC) and become world champions again.