ITS Team Sapuangin Successfully Scored Two Winners in the New Sub-Contest at Shell Eco-Marathon 2021

Surabaya, 7 May 2021 – ITS Team Sapuangin has now succeeded in bringing home two winners from four sub-competition challenges and two bonus challenges that were held by Shell Eco-Marathon in its virtual competition format, the two sub-races that were won have been held in the last five months this online and ITS Team Sapuangin currently occupies the 6th position in the World.

The four sub-competitions promoted by the Shell Eco-Marathon in the virtual competition format are still running three sub-races and one bonus challenge, but only two sub-competitions and one bonus challenge have been announced by the winner. The two sub-competitions are the Autonomous Programming Competition and the Virtual Off-Track Awards: Data and Telemetry Award.

A new challenge for ITS Team Sapuangin whose competition will take place from January – March 2021, especially in the Electrical Division. Due to the Autonomous Programming Competition sub-race, participants are required to create a track and driving scheme through programming, "In this competition, our team had to develop track, perception, and control algorithms for autonomous vehicles using the Robot Operating System (ROS) version Melodic,” said Samsul, Head of Electrical Division.

Shell Eco-Marathon evaluates based on four points, namely time, distance traveled, energy consumption, and CPU usage. There were many obstacles in working on the competition this time, starting from the computer that did not meet its specifications and also the campus lockdown that was in effect at that time, but this did not break the spirit of the Electrical division. Until Tuesday (30/03) through the official YouTube Shell Eco-Marathon, it was announced that ITS Team Sapuangin won second place with a score of 41 points.

In addition to the Autonomous Programming Competition sub-race, in April – May 2021 the Engine and Drivetrain division was also given a new challenge, namely enabling remote measurement and reporting of information to system operators, thereby increasing the optimization of driving strategies.

On Friday (07/05) it was even over for ITS Team Sapuangin through the official YouTube Shell Eco-Marathon, in this sub-competition, they scored the first winner for all teams in the world. Of course, this was also unexpected, “We are proud of the achievement of first place in this category, and did not expect to win the Data & Telemetry Award category, because we experienced difficulties at the beginning of the competition because we did not know the details of the telemetry system specifications used. However, the challenge was finally conquered,” said Gilang Samudra, one of staff Engine and Drivetrain Division.



Rida Ayu

External Relations ITS Team Sapuangin